RAFE 250ml

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Do you believe in angels, sparkling eternal beings that help when help is needed with their miraculous interventions and make life easier and the world a better place? Maybe their existence depends on our beliefs, maybe angels are merely a fruit of our imagination, however sometimes the goodness of some can amaze us so much that the only thing we can say is that they’re like angels. He understands everybody because he has a bit of everyone. Oil Rafe is just like the angel Raphael, in charge of health, peace and comfort. Buza, Karbonaca, Rosinjola and Drobnica have entrusted him with their secrets, his trusted friends are Pendolino, Leccino and Cipressino, and with Bjelica he is connected intuitively without saying a word. If he was a painter, he would be the famous Raphael. Amongst the Dolija oils, he is a blend of the best. The oil with character.

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